The agenda is subject to change as speakers confirm their availability for the rescheduled summit.

Day 1, January 14

Registration: noon – 1 p.m.

Opening and Welcome: 1 – 2:30 p.m.

Lynn Scarlett
Co-Director, Center for Management of Ecological Wealth, Resources for the Future
Former Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior

Richard J. Allan
Secretary, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Cindy Adams Dunn
Deputy Secretary for Conservation and Technical Services, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Paul King
President, Pennsylvania Environmental Council

Session 1: 2:45 – 4:00 p.m.

    • Track 1 – Tourism and Economic DevelopmentGrowing outdoor tourism businesses in Pennsylvania
      Pennsylvania has loan programs and other resources for tourism and natural resource-related business development and growth. Join us as we explore new opportunities for small-enterprise investment and employment while providing the benefit of protecting and conserving our natural resources.

      David A. Kahley
      President & CEO, The Progress Fund

      Bob Veilleux
      Assistant Director, Potter County Education Council

      Moderator: Deborah Pontzer
      Workforce and Economic Development Specialist, Congressman Glenn Thompson, Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District

    • Track 2 – Land, River and Greenway ConservationStrategies for funding land conservation
      Building a constituency for buying open space for habitat protection, health, ecosystem services, and economic investment involves strategy and organization. Pennsylvania has numerous examples of county and local bond issue successes… and failures. This session will cover successful campaigns and provide strategies for beating back efforts to undo existing open space bond issues.

      Tom Gilbert
      Director, Regional Conservation Services, Trust for Public Land

      Chris Washburn
      Chairman, Open Space Board, North Coventry Township, Chester County

      Cynthia Carrow
      Vice President, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

      Moderator: Cindy Adams Dunn
      DCNR Deputy Secretary for Conservation and Technical Services

    • Track 3 – Visitor ExperiencesDefining the visitor experience
      What is the visitor experience, when does the experience begin, what does it include and how can you provide authentic experiences? Identify audiences visiting your sites to develop programs and provide facilities and services that meet the needs and expectations of your visitors.

      Miranda Crotsley
      Environmental Education Specialist Supervisor, DCNR Bureau of State Parks

      Stacey Fox
      VP of Sales and Marketing, Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau

      William Prince
      Program Coordinator, Trail Town Program

      Moderator: Meredith Hill
      Director, PA Wilds, DCNR

    • Track 4 – Communication and EngagementCommunications 101
      It’s more complicated than you may think to be an effective communicator. How do you reach stakeholders and build strong partnerships that rally around the goals of your region? Communicating “internally” with partners is just as important as reaching a general public. Learn how to identify audiences, set goals, pick the right communications channels and deliver the key messages.

      Kim McKee
      Act 24 Coordinator, Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Ta Brant Enos
Small Business Ombudsman, Pennsylvania Wilds

Moderator: Betsy Linaberger
Senior Vice President, Tierney Communications

Reception: 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Dinner: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

    • Robert Pirani


    Vice President for Environmental Programs Regional Plan Association


Day 2, January 15

Breakfast: 8:00 – 9:00 a.m.

    • Joel Dunn


    Executive Director, Chesapeake Conservancy


Session 2: 9:15 – 10:30 a.m.

  • Track 1 – Tourism and Economic DevelopmentRevitalizing communities through natural assets
    This session will focus on the link between various elements of sustainability: ecological, social, and economic. Learn best practices and universal guidelines for communities to use nature as a link to community development.

    Bill Fontana
    Executive Director, PA Downtown Center

    Julie Fitzpatrick
    Assistant Director and Special Projects Coordinator, PA Downtown Center

    Denny Puko
    Center for Local Government Services, Department of Community and Economic Development

    Moderator: Mike Eschenmann
    Conservation Landscape Coordinator, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

  • Track 2 – Land, River and Greenway ConservationClosing trail gaps
    A trail becomes a stronger asset in the region when it becomes part of a trail system. Linking trails and greenways can provide transportation, economic and conservation benefits for the communities through which they travel. This session will explore management and mapping tools to identify and prioritize trail gaps.

    Spencer Finch
    Director of Sustainable Infrastructure, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Southeast Office

    Andrew Johnson
    Program Officer, Environment & Communities, William Penn Foundation

    Christopher Linn
    Manager, Office of Environmental Planning, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

    Moderator: Diane Kripas
    Chief, Greenways and Partnerships Division, Bureau of Recreation and Conservation, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

  • Track 3 – Visitor ExperiencesCombining history, culture and outdoor recreation to pack a powerful punch
    Often times, visitors to a region are seeking multi-dimensional experiences – ones that integrate history and heritage with outdoor fun and discovery. Learn how to combine outdoor recreation, historical and cultural assets into packages and tours that add value for the tourist. Here about successful outdoor recreation, environmental and historical programming taking place across the state.

    Olga Herbert
    Executive Director, Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

    Chris Kemmerer
    Chief, Chief Outdoor Recreation Programming Section, DCNR Bureau of State Parks

    Liz Winand
    Owner, Shanks Mare Outfitters

    Janet Pollard
    Director, Franklin County Visitors Bureau

    Moderator: Jane Sheffield
    Executive Director, Allegheny Ridge Corporation

  • Track 4 – Communications and EngagementHow, when and why to use a brand?
    Would your region benefit from a brand, or perhaps it already has one that could be strengthened by the outdoors amenities in the region? In a region with multiple partners and sometimes competing brands and messages, it is important to combine and maximize resources. Learn how regions are using their tourist promotion agencies and other partners to help deliver the conservation and outdoor recreation messages through a regional brand.

    Richard Holberg
    President, holberg design inc.

    Valerie Copenhaver
    Brand and Marketing Manager, Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau

    David Brooks
    Executive Director, Potter County Visitors Association

    Moderator: Gretchen Leslie
    Director, Office of Education, Communications and Partnerships, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Session 3: 10:45 – noon

  • Track 1 – Tourism and Economic DevelopmentTranslating the economic benefits of nature-based tourism
    Travelers in Pennsylvania spend more than $30 billion a year, much of it enjoying our scenery and our parks, rivers, trails and historic sites. Learn how to articulate the benefits of these resources in dollars and cents, not just in terms of fun, education and healthy living.

    Linda McKenna Boxx
    President, Allegheny Trail Alliance

    Dr. Andrew Mowen
    Associate Professor of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management, Penn State University

    Shireen Farr
    Executive Director, Cumberland Valley CVB

    Moderator: Rob Fulton
    President/CEO, Pennsylvania Association of Travel and Tourism

  • Track 2 – Land, River and Greenway ConservationPrioritizing land and watershed protection through cooperative regional planning
    Conservation strategies are a critical part of a regional landscape. Without the special lands and waterways, the area loses its value as a distinct region with recreational and outdoor-related business opportunities. In this session you will learn the successful tools and cooperative planning approaches for acquisition or easements at a regional, county and municipal level.

    Peter Howell
    Vice President, Conservation Finance and Research Programs, Open Space Institute

    Jeanne Barrett Ortiz
    Municipal Outreach Specialist, Audubon PA

    Kim McKee
    Act 24 Coordinator, Appalachian Trail Conservancy

    Kate Gonick
    Director of Land Protection, Lancaster County Conservancy

    Moderator: Andrew Johnson
    Program Officer, Environment & Communities, William Penn Foundation

  • Track 3 – Visitor ExperiencesConnecting with visitors through waysides, kiosks and way-finding
    Not all visitors to your region will have a personal experience with a guide, naturalist, tour leader, or business owner. But don’t send them home without any knowledge of what they just experienced. Learn how to use non-personal media like kiosks, driving tours, and information signage to guide visitors to attractions and facilities and connect them to the natural, historic and cultural resources of the region.

    Elissa M. Garofalo
    President/Executive Director, Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, Inc.

    Terri Kromel
    Chief, Outdoor Programming Services, Bureau of State Parks

    Kitty Patterson
    Owner/Creative Director, Graphics and Design

    Moderator: Frances Stein
    Natural Resource Program Specialist, DCNR Bureau of State Parks

  • Track 4 – Communications and EngagementNavigating today’s diverse media to spread your word and build a following.
    In today’s world, simplicity is key among the chaos. Learn how Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, enewsletters, blogs, apps and other channels can be low-cost methods at spreading your word to select audiences. How to blend the new with the “traditional” media like radio, television and print, will be discussed. Learn the simplest ways to attract reporters’ attention, sell your stories and get coverage for what is important in your region.

    Quinn Bryner
    Account Manager, Tierney Communications

    Don Gilliland
    Reporter, The Patriot-News

    Moderator: Christina Novak
    DCNR Press Secretary & Director of Communications

Tourism Luncheon: 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
DCED Executives

Session 4: 1:45 – 3:00 p.m.

  • Track 1 – Tourism and Economic DevelopmentSampling successful outdoor tourism business in the PA Wilds
    Come hear from the PA Wilds small business ombudsman and business owners who have capitalized on the popular PA Wilds brand and been able to take advantage of the region’s natural resource assets to bolster their bottom line.

    Piper Lindell
    Allegheny Outfitters

    Tina Johns Solak
    Cameron County Artisan Center

    Deb Adams
    Gateway Lodge

    Moderator: Ta Brant Enos
    Small Business Ombudsman, Pennsylvania Wilds

  • Track 2 – Land, River and Greenway ConservationEnsuring conservation and recreation success in the Marcellus Shale region
    Marcellus Shale is impacting two-thirds of Pennsylvania’s counties. Learn how conservation-rich landscapes are adapting to the activity and capitalizing on its presence.

    Renee’ Carey
    Director, Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy

    Dale Fox
    Executive Director, Headwaters Resource Conservation and Development Council

    Nels Johnson
    Deputy State Director, The Nature Conservancy

    Jim Weaver
    Director, Tioga County Planning Office

    Moderator: Paul King
    President, Pennsylvania Environmental Council

  • Track 3 – Visitor ExperiencesCreating lasting impressions and inspiring stewardship
    Forging emotional and intellectual connections between the interests of the audience and the inherent meanings in the resource is the key to interpretation. Aspects of the visitors’ experience should include information and opportunities on conservation practices for visitors who want to know or do more. Learn techniques and examples of how to connect people to places in a meaningful way so that visitors gain a greater understanding of the resources they visit.

    Charlie Brooks
    Innkeeper, The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle

    Jeff Woleslagle
    Natural Resource Program Specialist, Bureau of Forestry, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

    Chuck Reid
    Executive Director, Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve

    Moderator: Jean Devlin
    Chief, Education and Interpretation Section, Bureau of State Parks, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

  • Track 4 – Communications and EngagementBuilding grassroots constituencies
    To coalesce as a region, the people who live there must understand the special qualities of the region. Building a constituency of leaders who make the connection between protected landscapes and vibrant communities will ensure regional successes. What are the best ways to engage citizens, groups and community influencers to become landscape advocates?

    Paul Zeph
    Director of Conservation, Audubon PA

    Brad Clemenson
    Senior Project Manager, Pennsylvania Environmental Council

    Eric Patton
    Millstone Township, Elk County

    Moderator: Lauren Imgrund
    Director, DCNR Bureau of Recreation and Conservation

Closing Session: 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Funding and Resources to Advance Conservation Landscapes

Barry Schoch
Secretary, PA Department of Transportation

Andy Tuck
Senior Campaign Advisor, Conservation Campaigns, The Nature Conservancy

Andrew Johnson
Program Officer, William Penn Foundation

Brian Hill
Program Officer, Richard K. Mellon Foundation

Moderator: Cindy Adams Dunn
Deputy Secretary, DCNR